Harbour (v): To provide harbour or a safe place for; to take refuge or shelter in a protected expanse of water; to hold or persistently entertain in one’s thoughts or mind. 

The act of harbour intrinsically considers transitions, shorelines, and in-between spaces; it considers shelter as a necessary moment of retreat for safety, rejuvenation and reflection within the process of journey-making; and it considers the state of thinking as reflection and meditation in motion, ready to create transformations.

Working within the media and visual arts, Harbour Collective seeks to create process-based works, artistic interventions and professional programming that positions at the forefront the importance of personal connections and relationships to triggering artistic growth and transformation. It considers the connection of self to community and place, and artistically examines what occurs in the liminal space between these things.

Harbour Collective programming places special attention on developing opportunities for Indigenous and racialised art practitioners working at all levels in their careers.



Harbour Collective acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Manitoba Arts Council for its activities.