Analogue Resilience: A Film Labs Gathering is an event for the international community of independent and artist-run analogue film labs organized and hosted by the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto that will take place May 25-30, 2023. The purpose of the event is to bring artist-run labs, collectives, and filmmakers from around the world together to facilitate skill-sharing and knowledge exchange. Over the course of the 5-day event participants will engage in a series of discussion sessions and hands-on workshops designed to promote creative collaboration and the continued vitality of analogue filmmaking globally. 

photo credit: Tenille Campbell @Sweetmoonphoto

Holly Aubichon investigates topics of urban Indigeneity and how ancestral knowledge reaches urban Indigenous people through memories, land, and body. Her practice includes painting, writing and curation. She identifies as Métis, Cree from her Paternal side, and Ukrainian, Irish, and Scottish ancestry from her Maternal side. Aubichon was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. Her Indigenous relations come from Green Lake, Meadow Lake and Lestock, SK. Aubichon’s practice is laboriously reliant on retracing familial memories and connections. She uses painting as a way to foster personal healing. Since July 1, 2021 as an extension of her practice, she has been in a traditional Indigenous tattoo mentorship with Stacey Fayant. Tattooing as a practice for Aubichon acknowledges the memories that familial bodies carry, and develops community care focusing on healing and processing grief alongside the revivalists of traditional tattoo methods. She graduated from the University of Regina in 2021 with a BFA, minoring in Indigenous Art History. Aubichon was the Saskatchewan recipient of the 2021 BMO 1st Art! Award. Aubichon is the current Artistic Director for Sâkêwêwak Artists’ Collective Inc.

Antonio Catrileo (they/them) is a Mapuche writer, artist, and weaver from Pikunmapu/Qullasuyu (Curico, Chile). Currently is a student at the PhD in Ethnic Studies at the University of California San Diego. They hold a B.A., M.A. in Chilean and Hispanic Literature at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso. Author of the book “Awkan epupillan mew: dos espíritus en divergencia” (2019) and “Diáspora”(2015). Member of the Catrileo+Carrión Community, where they have collectively published the books “Poyewün Nütramkan Pikunmapu/Qullasuyu” (2020), “Poyewün witral: bitácora de las tejedoras de Neltume” (2019), “Torcer la palabra: escrituras obrera-feministas” (2018) and “Yikalay pu zomo Lafkenmapu” (2018). Currently is a collaborator of Global Center for Advanced Studies Latin America Collective. Their work is presented as a critical intervention in how colonial categories have been imposed on notions of sexuality and gender in the Mapuche context. Catrileo claims the word epupillan (two-spirit) as a generative practice that focuses on not reproducing the damage of the archive’s narratives in order to imagine a Mapuche futurity beyond the politics of recognition, nation, and identity. Epupillan is a situated knowledge shared by several elders who are HIV/AIDS activists and defenders of the land.

Manuel Carrión Lira (he/they) is a Pikunche researcher, video-artist and curator from Pikunmapu/Qullasuyu (Quillota, Chile). They are currently a Fulbright International Fellow studying in the PhD in Literature at the University of California San Diego. Manuel holds a M.A. in Latin American Art, Thought and Culture from the Instituto de Estudios Avanzados at Universidad de Santiago de Chile, and a B.A. in Design at Universidad de Valparaíso. Member of the Catrileo+Carrión Community, where they have collectively published the books “Poyewün Nütramkan Pikunmapu/Qullasuyu” (2020), “Poyewün witral: bitácora de las tejedoras de Neltume” (2019), “Torcer la palabra: escrituras obrera-feministas” (2018) and “Yikalay pu zomo Lafkenmapu” (2018). Manuel is part of the Global Center for Advanced Studies Latin America Collective. Manuel’s work focuses on Indigenous Media at the intersection with Trans-indigenous/Transnational kinship networks beyond the nation-state framework, all of this with special attention to queer/trans/2S/epupillan Indigenous cultural production.

Communidad Catrileo+Carrion are queer/trans/nonbinary Indigenous epupillan (two-spirit) beings who work articulating generative spaces of reciprocity and relationality. They honor the land and their ancestors through ceremonies materialized in their audiovisual, textile, editorial, curatorial, and community practices. Communidad Catrileo+Carrion reside divided between Pikunmapu/Qullasuyu (Valparaíso Region, Chile) and Kumeyaay Territory (San Diego, California, USA). The group is currently composed of Antonio Catrileo Araya, Constanza Catrileo Araya, Malku Catrileo Araya, Alejandra Carrión Lira, and Manuel Carrión Lira.

Christine Kirouac is a Winnipeg-based artist/writer whose interdisciplinary projects are a negotiation of (dis)placement, (non)acceptance. She crafts provocative work through a lens of humor, personal intimacy and experience that exposes struggles to translate home. Alluring, absurd, and always open-ended Kirouac prefers the uncomfortable tease to the whole, leaving a trail of impressions and questions to linger. 

Along with teaching in Canada and the US, she has participated in multiple residencies at the Banff Centre, Vermont Studio Centre and received numerous grants from Manitoba Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts and National Film Board. From 2013-2015 she was co-owner, Director/Curator of the boutique art fair New Material concurrent with Miami Art Basel, Verge Soho New York NY and Multiples; Critical Craft and Visual Culture Fair out of Chicago IL.

Solo exhibitions include The Same Leaving at the South Eastern Center for Contemporary Arts in NC, Belfast NI Billboard Project NI, Toronto Ireland Park Foundation video commission, Paper Men Project at The Delta Gallery Winston-Salem NC, Siren Fall at Winthrop University Gallery Rock Hill SC, After Winter, Before Spring at Maison Des Artistes Visuals in Winnipeg.

Group shows and screenings include Winnipeg Art Gallery, Museum London ON, INDA Lisbon International Film Festival Portugal, 4th Cairo International Video Festival Egypt, Global House Gwang Ju South Korea, Heritage International Film Program; Berlin, Chicago Underground Film Festival, Presénce Autochtone: First Peoples’ Festival, Montréal, QC  and Asheville Art Museum NC and Manifest; Research and Drawing Center in Cincinnati OH USA. Her video Nectarine will premier with Harbour Collective at Docked in SASK 2023. 

Kirouac works out of her Winnipeg studio, writing, making and is a member of the Point Douglas Environment Committee spearheading new approaches to challenges of the shelterless and the plight of Red River she lives near. 

Sasha Kucas is a first-generation Canadian with Croatian ancestry, a writer, and a lens-based artist. Her work explores identity, memory, and motivation through movement. 

Kucas’ academic career reflects her commitment to life-long learning. Her path began in architecture and progressed to fine arts and dance, which led to a theatre degree specializing in production and design from the University of Winnipeg. Kucas participated in the MAWA Foundation Advisory Program and held exhibitions in Canada and Spain. 

After receiving a TESOL certification, Kucas lived abroad teaching ESL for years. Dancing and singing with children in Japan and Thailand prompted a return to academia to receive a Post-Baccalaureate in Education at the Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, BC. Insatiable wanderlust guided this hopeless nomad to continue living and working abroad. Kucas has lived in nine different countries and traveled to over 300 cities. Her travels inspired a book currently seeking publication.

COVID forced a return to Winnipeg, which resulted in an opportunity to continue taking classes at the university. Kucas’ art practice required some attention, and she completed her Fine Arts degree in December 2022 from the University of Manitoba. This degree was an unexpected and gleeful return to art and done in complete and utter wonderment.

Kucas has transitioned from teaching grade one students to being the Communications Manager at Harbour Collective. She is plotting her next art and travel adventure.


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