Kris Snowbird is a multi-disciplinary artist working in visual and performance art, photography and filmmaking. She grew up on the Pine Creek First Nation and is of Cree and Ojibwe descent. In 2015, she participated in the Foundation Mentorship Program at Mentoring Women for Women’s Art (MAWA), working one on one with curator, Natalia Lebedinskaia. Snowbird created her first short film SWEAT in 2016, which was funded by the Winnipeg Film Group’s Mosaic Women’s Film Fund. In 2019 her first show “Dancing in the Dark” was at the Urban Shaman Gallery: Marvin Frances Media Gallery. In 2019/20 along with partner Theo Pelmus, they were awarded the Media Arts Residency at Video Pool Media Arts Centre.

In 2021 she made her version of a jingle dress using all jingles for the dress producing a dress of armour; with a live video streamed performance at the Urban Shaman Gallery. Since than she has been involved in the arts in various festivals including the 2021 Wall to Wall Mural and Cultural festival. In 2023 she was a part of Video Pool Media Arts Centre Indigenous Incubator.

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