Paulete Poitras

Han Mitokiyapi, mija Dakota/Sahayah, mija winkte, O’E-yah wakan wi imakiyapi, muthpiyah ska imakiyapi.

My name is Paulete Poitras, a Dakota/Cree from Muscowpetung First Nation in Treaty 4 territory. I am 37 years old, 2S female identified, my pronoun is she/her/they/them, but I preferred Paulie (as it is non-binary and only family call me that, so this is an honour that I share my preferred name). I am 2Spirit Ambassador for OUT Saskatoon and Board Chair for Chokecherry Studio. I have recently been asked to be part of the Harbour Collective as a member and this new transition is one to work within the Arts community. I am married to my beautiful wife and partner Cheryl Prosper. We have three children and two grandchildren. My oldest is Amy, Cetera, & Milburn. My two grandchildren are Kaden and Amiya. I met my wife back in 2018 and quickly wed in June 1st 2019. I have several hunka (adopted) relatives and grew up with traditional ceremonial background. I have a fondness to sew and bead. I am an established artist and Indigenous advocate. I have a degree is Human Justice. I have several years of experience in justice, Indigenous health research, and working front lines of advocacy of helping community. I’ve been accepted for my Masters in Fine Arts with the Ontario College of Arts & Design, and began my journey in continuing my education in Fall 2021. I am sober for nine years and counting. I walk with ceremony and help community bridge gaps through diversity training. I believe my purpose on this earth is to help others, and community to heal from the traumas nobody will speak of. I myself found that the more work I did helping to heal myself, I began to heal my lineage of the trauma nobody speaks of. Its continuous work on bettering myself and know this is going to be a lifelong journey. Through life experience and diverse perspective, I plan to share what knowledge I’ve been gifted to help others better understand the communities I serve.

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