Harbour Collective would like to honour PEACEMAKER by featuring their song, ‘Come Down‘.

Forged in the summer heat of 1992, PEACEMAKER and its four founding members remain united in the philosophy, ‘The music is born from the collective and from our own personal contribution as artists and is what drives the forward momentum of the band. When we express this part of ourselves, together, what arrives is ultimately a sonic force created from our four directions.’

Respectful of each individual contribution has always been key to Peacemaker and what you have before you, are the culmination of this philosophy, and the product of this force. From the first beats thrust out on ‘Take It Away’, to the last notes on Apocalyptic Love Song’ recorded live at the Rolling Stone Cabaret, PEACEMAKER has always delivered on the simple premise, ‘What you hear is what you’ll get’.

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